Permanent magnet popular inverter screw vacuum pump, there is a charm?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As the user demands for air compressor, air compressor has entered the high-speed development period, especially in popular permanent magnet frequency conversion screw vacuum pump, what's the charm of it?

permanent magnet frequency screw vacuum pump

permanent magnet frequency screw vacuum pump popular can be said to be derived from these aspects. One is eminent. The more reliable: high. Special double-screw vacuum technology, super long rotor life, innovative design of cold. With oil system, stable and reliable performance. The second is high. Energy efficient: super grade 1 energy efficiency IP55 permanent magnet frequency conversion motor, special vector frequency inverter to realize direct drive, energy saving more than fifty percent. 3 it is intelligent control: built-in Internet module, remote intelligent monitoring. Four is green environmental protection: high. Effect of oil and gas separator, under pressure from all run to keep control. Oil mist ability, protect the environment. Fifth, simple operation, easy installation, large size color touch screen, operation simple, cover an area of an area small, plug and play and quick installation. Six is quiet operation: the noise reduction of sound insulation and shock absorption technology, there is. Cut off the noise transmission.

believe you read the above advantages characteristics of permanent magnet frequency screw vacuum pump, must also know its charm. GeLinKeEr 23 years has been the main energy conservation and environmental protection products, high energy saving. Work, research and development direction of the green environmental protection. High standards to meet the export production standards in 89 countries, more than 500 service outlets, ensure after-sales carefree! If you want to learn more vacuum pump for details, please contact:
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