Person who use air compressor, do you have these points to note

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Last week as a world 500 strong environmental protection enterprise representatives attended the arranged under the auspices of the xiamen GeLinKeEr & other; GeLinKeEr reading group & throughout; Speech activities. In addition to GeLinKeEr all staff to participate in activities, there are several attracts thousands of elite enterprises of different industries. All converge to listening to the elite from xiamen GeLinKeEr each department's excellent speech. For over six hours of speech at the meeting, I from bao GeLinKeEr after-sales department manager about the person who use common sense is very interested in, such as air compressor post-processing equipment at ordinary times we don't have access to, and not all users would assemble person such reprocessing. Because most of the customers think that in addition to the air compressor and air tank is must match the, other devices dispensable.

in fact, the person also is in the air compressor system is very important to a product. In today's article, I arrange several bao manager mentioned person matters needing attention, can facilitate everybody in daily work related problems to solve:

( 1) In person with the joint of air compressor should be preset have certain space, in order to convenient technical personnel's maintenance work smoothly and avoid the vibration of the machine affected person, generally in the form of pipeline connection;

( 2) 30 days of impurity cleaning machine ventilated place;

( 3) Should be placed in ventilated, dry place. Avoid damp environment;

( 4) Install air filter, the entrance of the person who have the effect of removing impurity, guarantee the stability of the working efficiency;

( 5) Compressed air must be connected again after boot and stable operation, stop, if you want to open again, suggest at least until more than 90 seconds.

this notice is bao manager in the process of the use of the person who noted, for the person who has a question about the classmates, after looking at this article surely will have an end. Later in the article, I will continue to update the air compressor post-processing related knowledge. Interested friends can continue to pay attention after the update.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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