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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Piston air compressor with long time, will appear all sorts of problems, such as piston air compressor filter smoke. Why have this problem? Air compressor oil content is high, add lubricating oil cycle is short, when the air filter is easy to smoke. After knowing the relevant situation, editors believe this is likely to be caused by the following situation.
a, when the piston moves down, the volume inside the cylinder, the air pressure inside the cylinder decreases. At this time, the air in the intake pipe cylinder; When the piston moving up, inlet pipe closed, cylinder volume has shrunk.

2, secondly, under the control of the suction and exhaust check valve, inlet check valve is only allowed to air flow to the cylinder, and the vent valve only allow air flow from the cylinder, and only from the outlet suction and exhaust air. Therefore, when the check valve damage, air compressor will be difficult to pump out the air or insufficient air pump will pump out slowly, this won't happen too much. Piston ring fracture on piston, for example, lead to air leakage between cylinder wall and piston, this also leads to the lack of air and gas.
we encounter compressor filter smoke, is there any way? No, still have a way:
1, oil oil level is too high: check whether the oil oil level is between 'H' and 'L', but both high but also low.
2, return pipe limit negative plug: remove and clean the return pipe plug correctly.
3, low exhaust pressure, exhaust pressure increase ( Adjust the pressure switch to Settings) 。
4, thin oil separator damage: replace the oil separator.
5, the holding valve spring fatigue: replace the spring.
so, should maintain the normal use of GeLinKeEr piston air compressor parts, to ensure the normal use of the machine. More, details could consulting the GeLinKeEr customer service: piston air compressor, this paper came from xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor technology co. , LTD. Reprint please indicate the source ( www。 gfepm。 com)
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