Piston compressor after connecting rod failure in hurry-scurry GeLinKeEr action to help you repair

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Change the gas pressure is not a difficult task for piston compressor, and this must be a lot of friends will know? But ask you a question: if the air compressor of the connecting rod failure happens, and how to deal with? — — Last week a client from xiamen minhang gave us GeLinKeEr engineer such a problem.

at the end of the scene, bao engineer has carried on the screen to the site environment, finally found that the connecting rod bolt screw happened within the customer's machine damage phenomenon exists, because the connecting rod bolt damage occurs, the engineers generally will not take into consideration of the repair, bao engineers for its replacement treatment was carried out.

at the same time, for the connecting rod failure, bao engineer pointed out that the air compressor piston connecting rod failure, largely because of the connecting rod Luo Shuai thread damage or cooperate with relaxation, usually due to the customer to tighten bolts, caused by the improper. The first case, if the screw tight, easy to screw damage: but the screw is too loose, it is easy to slack phenomenon. “ It is best to use professional tools for fixed load wrench, & throughout; BaoGong this added to the customer.

GeLinKeEr professional attitude is really convincing, not only is China merchants trust GeLinKeEr, GeLinKeEr reputation, even foreign traders like to triumph in Germany, the world's largest underwear manufacturing enterprise group also had several times with GeLinKeEr cooperation experiences, interested in GeLinKeEr compressor customers can call the service hotline for further understanding.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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