Purchasing air compressor confidential attention to 'three big fear'

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
1, avoid & other; Demand a figure cheap & throughout;

no matter what nature or type of compressor enterprises both at home and abroad, not a company will lose money to sell compressor equipment to you, if you demand a large amplitude, so, they choose low prices of spare parts in the process of manufacturing equipment and material ratio is high. Saying goes & other; Buy without selling fine & throughout; Layer contains the truth.

company imported compressor equipment is the most in its & other; The operation of the technical equipment level and stable quality & throughout; , if do not meet these two purposes, imported compressor equipment as optimizing the best of the domestic equipment, can also be exempted from the introduction, the suffering of the negotiations. Therefore, when purchasing compressor equipment at home and abroad, interacting, and is not the first priority of negotiations.

2, cream & other; First talk about air compressor price is decided after the function & throughout;

the compressor equipment introduced from abroad the purpose is to improve the enterprise product market competition ability, therefore, must be the introduction of the principle of compressor equipment and implement these functions and control talk about the function of hardware equipment, should be fulfilled one by one to the technical terms of the contract, and as an indispensable important part of the contract. This section will serve as the arrival of the acceptance of the equipment, commissioning acceptance, warranty service and equipment maintenance, spare parts order of important documents, along with the equipment of whole life process.

single quotation and shelf life to understand the functional components is very necessary, it will be as the main reference and basis of enterprise future purchasing spare parts, especially the compressor equipment company own manufacturing unit components bidding, shelf life, coordination &liaision instead must be written into the contract terms.

only the function of the equipment can meet the first to introduce the purpose of, let's talk about the price just have real value, if the purchasing at the expense of the function to meet the price target, is a big taboo purchasing equipment.

3, cream & other; Throughout lifetime &;

as far as possible more in-depth technical communication with suppliers, understand and grasp the advantages and disadvantages of different vendors, especially equipment technology and equipment level and originality. Unique, make full use of the suppliers of the uncertainty of the manufacturing equipment selection, thereby intensifying competition between suppliers, through this competition procurement to which you wish to equipment performance, pay do you think of the equipment price is relatively reasonable, so as to achieve the purpose of optimal performance-price ratio.

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