Reasonable air compressor energy saving

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Strongly advocated for energy conservation and emissions reduction policy in recent years, more and more air compressor users pay more attention on the aspects of energy saving and emission reduction of the machine, now for the majority of users through the reasonable air compressor energy saving a few small coup, for your reference. 1. A reasonable volume and the choice of control method using gas concentration is a complicated problem, are generally according to the sum of all gas equipment volume multiplied by 15% 20% of the allowance. But according to the usage of equipment, intermittent or continuous gas, also can make a big change gas peaks and valleys. This want to do the comparison of energy saving, need according to the practical experience and usage, undertake collocation of air compressor. If the volume is larger, the more concentrated selection of control mode. For many sets of air compressor to take centralized control mode, automatic control of air compressor to run the Numbers according to the gas situation, the collocation of frequency conversion is better, as far as possible to reduce the consumption of air compressor discharge power. 2. Governance pipeline leakage energy saving air compressor can solve the leak and gas way, to achieve energy saving. First of all, solve the leak and air compressor gas way can achieve energy saving purpose. According to the authority of detection, air compressor only 10% of electricity consumed is converted to a compressed air, and 90% is converted into heat energy, compressed air is more expensive than electricity. In people's minds, however, did not realize this, the main performance is: the leak, do not take the pipe line on the pipe is hidden leaks occur first, and then the leakage. When to send the trachea of 1 mm on hole, the pressure of compressed air to 0. 714 mpa, the leakage of 1. The power of 5 l/s, is equal to the loss of the compressor is 0. 4千瓦。 That is about air compressor energy saving a few small coup, hoping to bring help.
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