Reasons of the poor effect of drying machine

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Compressed air water content of the finished product can not meet the requirements may have the following causes: 1: drying machine equipped with incorrect weight many enterprises for compressed air demand is higher, but use the person and person's pressure dew point limit can only achieve + 10 ℃, unable to meet the demand of pneumatic components of gas, should choose adsorption dryer. 2: adsorption drying pause with incorrect adsorption dryer on the market there are three towers, modules, and the mold core. Twin towers and module adsorption dryer due to technical limitations structure, there are dry performance is not stable, affect gas end use, should choose the mold core adsorption type dryer. Twin towers adsorption dryer defects: uneven distribution of air flow, the dead Angle, easy to form the 'tunnel' adsorption effect, high energy consumption, secondary filling sorbent difficult, not filled with adsorbent tightly wait for a phenomenon. This is the twin towers blot machine performance of the main causes of instability. Module adsorption dryer defects: secondary filling sorbent closely, not filled with difficulties, lead to drying machine cannot be stable, durable running. Number three: dry type selection is not correct selection of drying machine, should pay attention to the actual working condition, such as inlet temperature, inlet pressure, the processing capacity of the dryer. Four: adsorbent should be replaced in a timely manner at the beginning of the use of drier and drying effect is significant, but with the passage of time, the long-term use of desiccant, causes the desiccant adsorption performance is abate, adsorbent powder, etc. , should be timely replacement of adsorbent to ensure stable persistent operation of the dryer. That's some possible causes of the poor drying machine effect, for your reference.
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