Reveal the real air compressor factory operation process

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Into the summer, is subject to the fire, recently is & other; Hot & throughout; , do not fall across the country have been high temperature, extreme temperature has filled in many parts of the broken history. Not only China, many countries all over the world by high temperature. There is a small joke, said there was a young man can't stand the high temperature of summer in China, Africa clamour to go back to home for the summer. You can imagine how hot this summer.

is in such a hot summer, there are many common laborer braving the sweltering heat of battle in the work of the first line. GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor, for example, has a history of 70 years of OEM, products are exported to 30 several provinces and cities and regions across the country, some products will also travel to other countries, in such a hot summer day, in order to catch time the workers are still in the absence of hard work in the workshop air conditioning equipment, may be someone will ask, why no air conditioning workshop? Part of the reason is the structure of the workshop, workshop steel structure and the construction of concrete, is not completely sealed; On the other hand is the cause of some special type of work such as welding, such as shape requirements cannot install cooling equipment, and most workers to wear thick clothes, and according to the requirement to wear a helmet and mask, etc. ; The workers working environment temperature and body feeling temperature are much higher than others, someone to do the test before, factory workshop temperature can reach 50 degrees. Imagine how work in temperatures of 50 degrees feelings, clothes be drenched, for an instant like a sauna.

in order not to let the workers heatstroke, everyone also come up with a number of ways, such as adjust the working time, the shift work mode, use physical method to cool, put a lot of ice in the workshop, the ice water to drink for workers, etc. It was GeLinKeEr this deed and the spirit of the brand energy-saving air compressor is famous in China. GeLinKeEr human effort enterprising spirit will be generations of inheritance, the harder the more fortunate, have reason to believe that the future will GeLinKeEr brand for our country to make the quality better more durable air compressor products.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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