Screw air compressor air filter how to maintain?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As you all know, screw air compressor of the air filter in the quality of air compressor compressed air has a more direct impact: just imagine, if air compressor compressed air without air filter, then there will be a lot of dust in the body's internal, especially for users of piston machine, if there is no air filter, so all kinds of particles in the air and dust can quickly into the piston and cylinder, this kind of situation has deteriorated in the dry environment especially serious. Screw air compressor air filter also has the same effect, say so, you must be aware that the empty filter for a long time did not maintain or replace the air filter, consequence is very serious, today GeLinKeEr air compressor to tell you something about how to screw air compressor air filter for replacement and maintenance operations.

( 1) Remove the air filter users will know, empty filter there will be a circle surrounding the bolts, screw loose will need to be careful this time around, remove air filter;

( 2) When removing is complete, the old air filter around in a circle and detailed examination, if badly damage on the surface of the filter element or slightly above oil composition of oil, so need to be replaced immediately. If no change, this time recommended in 0. Blowing under 3000000 mpa pressure, attention, is not the mouth to blow, also not use other professional tools, recommend using compressed air, so that you can fully without omissions of screw air compressor air filter inside and outside the scavenging;

( 3) After these steps are completed, restore scenarios, and check whether the value of pressure switches in the normal.

basically screw air compressor maintenance of air filter is so come, hope this article to help everybody learning tasks.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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