Screw air compressor air filter maintenance method is what?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor differential pressure switch installed on the air filter, differential pressure switch when set value differential pressure switch, or internal timer time is zero, liquid crystal display empty filter blockage, said air filter must be clean or replace. Maintenance should be in the air compressor after downtime and completes the corresponding security measures, specific as follows:

screw air compressor

1, the open end cover.

2, loosen the air filter the retaining bolt, take out the filter.

3, check the air filter clogging situation, the use of compressed air purge and clean the dust from inside to outside, pay attention to the pressure of compressed air is not exceed 0. 3MPa。

4, air filter should be replaced when there is any breakage, check whether the air filter is broken can use the lamp placed inside the air filter, if there is a light show in the external observation.

5, filter surface is stained with oil pollution should be more in the new air filter.

6, clean or replace filter back cover good end cover.

7, check the air filter is equipped with differential pressure switch to normal, preset values less than 50 kpa.

that is screw air compressor maintenance methods and the corresponding operation process, if in doubt can contact GeLinKeEr customer service.
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