Screw air compressor air intake system is introduced

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor air intake system's main function is to provide clean air to the compressor, it is mainly composed of air filter and the intake valve. Air filter is used to filter the screw air compressor in air filter device, its main function is to filter the impurities and dust particles in the air, in the screw air compressor brand premium brands such as atlas, GeLinKeEr air filter filtration material standard are imported. Screw air compressor inlet valve is through the inlet valve control cylinder inlet valve action to implement the running light or full load operation, screw air compressor inlet valve is in the process of air compression brother an important mechanical parts, patented technology of atlas vacuum inlet valve is BLT series standard configuration.

screw air compressor air filters filter material for multilayer pleat, can filter the impurities in the air fine particles, such as screw air compressor air filter cartridge can be replaced, but can not clean recycle, air filter cartridge replacement cycle depends on the actual working environment of air condition. If the actual working condition of the air state is dirty dust impurities, we have to every day to maintain air filter, use compressed air to blow the surface filter attachments. If the filter is dirty state has been improved, suggest screw air compressor suction air on the outside part of the device or clean air in. Every time the air filter element for cleaning maintenance, should pay attention to examine the filtered air cleaning cartridge on one side and suction sewage collection, such as found dirt, make sure the reasons and solve the screw air compressor can continue to use. Use must be kept in the screw air compressor air filter and the connection between the compressor inlet valve parts in good condition, keep the air into the compressor clean, reduce the impurities in the air on the service life of screw air compressor for oil, put an end to don't clean the impurities in the air cause abnormal wear and tear to the screw host. Unclean air filter can lead to poor air flow deformation of the air filter, so that the air is likely to be from the air filter by pass, let the unfiltered air into the intake valve have adverse consequences for compressor host.

screw air compressor air intake system is compressed air brother a working system in the process, to the quality of the compressed air plays an escort role. Xiamen ou can optimal mechanical technology co. , LTD. Based on many years of experience points out: ensure that the screw air compressor work must use original air filter, air intake system of the compressor inlet air quality can be ensured good quality at the same time also can ensure the whole material life maintenance cycle.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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