Screw air compressor and piston air compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor and the difference between the piston air compressor? The author today to share with you about my personal point of view.

the working principle of the piston air compressor is mainly composed of the body, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston cylinder, exhaust valve, etc. When the crankshaft motor driven operation. Through connecting rod drives the piston within the cylinder for reciprocating motion, and under the cooperation of the suction and discharge valves in a compression, expansion of compressed air, cooling, etc. Piston air compressor is an earlier invention, more than 100 years and in the market. The piston air compressor from 1 kw - - The 200 kw, and so on hundreds of specifications. Widely used in all walks of life, is now in the high pressure air compressor market, piston air compressor has been in a monopoly area. Unparalleled. 1 kw - at the same time 11 kw small air compressor market, due to the piston air compressor is cheap, use, has been welcomed by the market. But the piston air compressor faults have more, large noise, high oil content of compressed air, high failure rate, high rate of vibration, and so on are also plagued by many clients.

with the development of technology, the advent of screw air compressor, its products excellent efficiency and low noise and so on a warm welcome by the market. The principle of screw air compressor is a pair of screw pitch relative to do the movement, under the high speed of the motor drive doing clockwise. Screw air compressor gas production range is larger, at the same time because of its advanced and automatic control system, has the voltage, current, temperature, pressure, etc. The overload protection function. To have a combination of continuous uninterrupted running 24 hours a day. Special was welcomed by the masses of customers on the market. But due to the limitations of the principle of screw air compressor, high work pressure can only be 13 kg - commonly Between 16 kg, beyond this pressure can only be used to replace piston air compressor screw air compressor.

no matter what form of air compressor, has its own outstanding performance and characteristics. In their respective areas play a bigger energy. Germany GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor enterprise research and development production of high-pressure piston air compressor, low pressure screw air compressor, etc. Products.

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