Screw air compressor before the start of inspection items have?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Said to check off the screw air compressor have to say, in general, whatever the air compressor is to do the corresponding inspection before starting, the screw air compressor before the start of tests for what?

1, is to make sure the screw air compressor, mechanical and electrical source into indicator.

2, open the oil and gas barrel drain valve, drain except sandstones, barrel lower condensate after closing.

3, check the oil level is above the low oil level line.

4, check the import and export door open, but the cold water supply is normal.
5, air compressor exit door open.
6, filter water cup water.

7, have the connection parts without leakage, leakage or leakage phenomenon.

that is screw air compressor before starting to note, if you have more questions or if you don't understand the air compressor GeLinKeEr direct contact us customer service or after-sales service!
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