Screw air compressor common failure have?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor is one of the manufacturing enterprises with more equipment, air compressor has a very wide range of application scope, along with the advance of the economy in recent years, air compressor sales every year is also more and more high. Mentioned equipment use most of the first thought is to its maintenance and maintenance and fault repair, let's look at what air compressor is the common fault?

failure 1: air compressor shut down because the temperature was too high:

& other; High temperature & throughout; Air compressor is very common failure problem, so that the cause of the problem is there are many: such as air compressor is beyond the rated pressure operation of unit, the filter clogging, machine plate equipped wrong or missing, the coolant is not enough, the environment temperature is too high, cooler air flow is blocked, etc. ;

fault 2: excessive noise:

air system leakage, host fault, motor fault, loose parts are likely to cause excessive air compressor noise;

failure 3: pressure relief valve opens:

main causes include: pressure switch defective or set pressure sensor error, the minimum pressure valve dysfunction, blow valve failure, pressure reducing valve failure, etc. ;

fault 4: low system pressure:

the cause of the problem basically has: the pollution of separator, pressure switch Settings there is an error, the minimum pressure valve dysfunction, blowing air valve dysfunction, transmission belt creep, leakage air system and air intake valve dysfunction, system gas exceeds the pollution of air compressor gas, compressed air filter, etc. ;

fault 5: high discharge pressure:

main causes include: pressure switch failure or incorrect pressure switch, blowing air valve dysfunction, intake valve dysfunction, etc. ;

fault 6: air compressor can't start:

general air compressor can't normal start for two reasons: one is not the main power supply or control voltage, the second is star/delta connection timer is damaged.

common fault more than a few air compressor for your reference, if you have found your own machines have similar problems suggest that contact air compressor service as soon as possible analysis and processing, don't self operation, lest cause unnecessary trouble.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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