Screw air compressor cooler how to cleaning

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor how to clean the radiator? Then why do we need to clean air compressor of the radiator? We first to know about the function or the radiator in the role of air compressor.

cooler of air compressor is used for cooling air compressor in the compression process produces a lot of heat, heat cycle back and forth through the lubricating oil transfer. Every time after high temperature lubricating oil through the cooler, evaporative cooler to most of the heat. After cooler of lubricating oil temperature decrease. To oil the machine's bearings, cooling the parts of the machine. So as to ensure the operation of air compressor to continuous loop. Since the cooler is used for air compressor internal heat. So if the cooler is very easy to make the air compressor appear all sorts of fault, not normal operation. Especially in sorching summer, often due to dirty wall heat cooler undesirable situation, you need to through the internal and external cleaning of the cooler for cooling purposes.

the cleaning of the cooler, we generally divided into the following process:

1, under the condition of radiator surface is not very dirty plugging, commonly used water cannons to cooler outer surface and the interlayer of dust cleaning, the use tape plugged in and out of the oil outlet of the cooler, the cooler stand up, use 2 - 5 kg water cannons to wash 10 minutes can.

2, for radiator outside surface is very dirty, greasy very serious cases, it is recommended to use alkaline cleaner to clean the surface corrosion, soaking processing or use cleaning agents.

3, for the high temperature lubricating oil metamorphism of carbon deposition and the situation of the coking, more difficult, it is recommended to use cooler than a larger bucket, put cooler, using special cleaning agent for inner and outer surface soaking treatment to the cooler, 2 - proposal About 3 days.

of course, a lot of attention, because of the aluminum cooler, it is easy to damage, we are to install and remove light with light. I recently saw xiamen GeLinKeEr air compressor service personnel bolt and Mr Yang in the DRC 100 apm + cooler for repair of the cleaning is very careful and very professional.

way is many, of course, as long as it can solve the problem of cooler's influence on the heat dissipation, can ensure the normal order of the air compressor operation. Cooler is a air compressor parts, air compressor, of course, the core of the overall quality is also very important. Buy air compressor, big manufacturers choose to buy or to right. German technology GeLinKeEr screw air compressor, your only choice.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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