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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor in the middle of the last century technology mature and realize large-scale production, its energy saving, with relatively low noise, can guarantee the stability of long trouble-free operation is screw air compressor was introduced is recognised by the market, after that more than half a century in the compressed air system using the standings. Screw air compressor is currently using the main points of oil-free screw compressor and two kinds of injection screw air compressor, and the injection screw air compressor in practical use to account for the vast majority of injection screw air compressor, and the special screw air compressor oil is mainly used in injection screw host.

screw air compressor is made up of Yin and Yang are a pair of gears mesh with spiral shape rotor. Yang rotor connected to the power source, through the power source to drive meshing Yin Yang rotor rotor to compress air, Yin and Yang rotor normal speed every minute around 2980 turn, such a high speed components, such as severe friction between rotor of Yin and Yang, and the related parts and bearing wear, at the same time because of the high speed friction temperature rise sharply, these conditions are for screw air compressor lubricants in its own strict requirements. Ordinary lubricating oil lubrication, sealing, cooling and cleaning effect, and the screw air compressor, because of its high speed, the high temperature of the host internal operation of the high pressure oil and gas mixture, ordinary lubricating oil in such a bad working environment in the life is sharply reduced, so for this GeLinKeEr compressor developed patented formula of high quality screw air compressor oil, with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, oxidation resistance and wear good quality get customers consistent high praise. GeLinKeEr compressor special lubricating oil in practical use, with many imported brands super rotor lubricating liquid than say that as each has his strong point, but the higher cost performance make GeLinKeEr brand lubricating oil is the first selection of more users.

screw air compressor is not only the history of the evolution of screw air compressor machine itself, but also inseparable from the maintenance of associated accessories upgrades, special screw air compressor oil after several generations of struggle, such as GeLinKeEr patented formula advanced rotor lubricating oil, captain time trouble-free and stable operation for the screw air compressor is played the role of escort.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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