Screw air compressor head structure analysis

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor with its advantages of high performance, high efficiency, high reliability for various industries to provide a steady stream of compressed air. Using high capacity compression components, through the efficient transmission system driven by speed of best use compression components, no maintenance during normal operation, the unique structural design to ensure the best quality of compressed air. 1. Gear speed rotor speed is screw air compressor efficiency and transmission way of the size, weight, an important factor. Improve speed, air compressor through the gaps of gas relative leakage will reduce, will also increase the volumetric efficiency of air compressor and the adiabatic efficiency. In theory, only under a certain desired speed, total losses are relatively small, its space-time compressor efficiency to obtain the higher value. In fact, the ideal speed of concrete numerical value is affected by many factors, it has to do with the rotor type line, operation mode, differential pressure, pressure ratio, displacement, gas properties, clearance and other factors. 2. Relationship between rotor diameter is the diameter of the rotor to the seriation, generalization of screw air compressor is an important parameter. To determine the rotor diameter principle is: the best speed range, to minimize the number of rotor diameter specifications to meet the broadest possible range of displacement. Under a rotor diameter, usually adopt multiple length to diameter ratio, changes in displacement range, so that the displacement of adjacent series rotor diameter, staggered. 3. Content product than interior volume specific ratio is fixed structural parameters of air compressor, depends on the air compressor itself inherent position of the suction or discharge orifice, and internal pressure ratio is related to the properties of compressed gas. Only be compressed gas medium is always the same, for example in the screw air compressor, air compressor pressure ratio is only available as the design parameters. That is some simple about the screw air compressor head structure analysis, for your reference.
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