Screw air compressor high temperature causes summary

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Often use screw air compressor for the user affirmation to the problem of the high temperature of screw air compressor. Because of high temperature equipment downtime problem is not a few, arguably, the same type the same batch of screw air compressor, each manufacturer's equipment heat rate is the same. But in fact is not the case, the majority of screw air compressor high temperature problem is from the manufacturer's own mismanagement, this technology to share today and you talk about in the screw air compressor high temperature of the culprit.

A, machine after bought, many manufacturers put position is not right, actually in the summer, some manufacturer even placed screw air compressor in the open-air hot environment or nearby have A lot of heat dissipation of the environment; Some manufacturer think inside the room and opened the air conditioning problem is not big, door window ventilation is actually better help machine cooling method, in addition to this, screw air compressor in case to be run when the doors open on both sides of the effective heat dissipation;

B, general large screw air compressor machine high temperature problem is likely to be oil cut-off valve failure caused by the cooling;

a and a/C oil with long-term carbon formed or there is an obvious quality problem, a greatly reduced cooling effect, on the other hand machine can not get sufficient lubrication;

D radiator, air compressor and fan blade failure problem;

E, temperature control valve open, cause the cooling oil originally need through the radiator to cool processing, now directly back into the nose.

these are a few of the major causes of screw air compressor high temperature, you can see these problems are mostly caused by the user management, and so warm prompt you GeLinKeEr air compressor, in order to avoid the screw air compressor high temperature problem, requires the user to do a good job in good maintenance.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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