Screw air compressor how to cleaning

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor used in the long run, will inevitably occur such as failure, only to do maintenance can prolong the service life of air compressor. The cleaning equipment is a basic maintenance methods, then screw air compressor machine wash?

first of all, the air compressor must stop before cleaning, ensure that under the conditions of power cut off to begin to work, it can ensure the safety of the staff.

second, do not use corrosive to equipment of chemical cleaning, the traditional way of cleaning by high pressure and chemical detergent to clean air compressor, such as it has been proved that this cleaning method is not suitable, it will cause a lot of subsequent equipment problems. To ensure that the quality of the air compressor cleaning, then must take the correct way to wash, cleaning must be at least two times every time, also check it again after cleaning equipment. Ensure equipment in good condition, ready to extend the service life of equipment maintenance work.

all in all, screw air compressor to run for a long time can cause the clogging in impurities such as device is scale, this is will affect its work efficiency and quality, but also shorten the service life of equipment. And maintenance of air compressor is not difficult, but must insist, insist for a long time to see the effect. Once the air compressor failure, so the loss will be very big, so, must attach importance to the maintenance work.

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