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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
GeLinKeEr screw air compressor air filter is made up of air filter assembly and filter. It through joint and thread tube connected to the screw air compressor inlet valve, and then filtered into the dust, particles and other impurities in the air. Different screw air compressor machine, choose to install air filter according to the inlet size.

screw air compressor fault representation: filter clogging - - - Air filter clogging can make the screw air compressor energy losses, power waste, easy to dust penetration. Too much dust into the air compressor chance to affect the service life of the air compressor oil, oil and gas separator caused by congestion.

filter clogging fault handling:

1. Screw air compressor filter is the core component of the filter, it is with special materials, it is to belong to more vulnerable parts, require special maintenance and maintenance.

2. When filters to work long hours, filter intercept a certain impurities, cause pressure, flow rate decrease. At this point, it is necessary to timely cleaning.

3. When cleaning should pay attention to filter deformation or damage.

filter paper in screw air compressor equipment is one of the key points. Fine filtration equipment in the filter paper is usually made of synthetic resin filling of superfine fiber paper, can effective cleansing to filter impurities, and have strong ability of pollutants is stored. The device also has a high requirement for the strength of the filter paper. The strength of the filter paper, because of the large air flow can resist strong turbulence, guarantee the filtration efficiency, prolong the service life of equipment.

filter fineness is about 10 microns. Usually once every 1000 hours cleaning the surface dust. Dust removal method is to use low pressure air to blow the dust from inside to outside. Install differential pressure control in the air filter. If the air filter clogging on the display panel, the means of screw air compressor air filter to clean or replace. Want to know more related details of screw air compressor can be consulting GeLinKeEr
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