Screw air compressor in several of the major causes of high temperature failure

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
A few months before I have to share a lot about small screw air compressor maintenance of common sense, everyone learning, also want to know the why, in this article, today small make up for all our analysis of high temperature and the screw air compressor of several main reasons.

1, the environment temperature caused by high temperature machine: this machine is of high temperature is one of the more common one of the reasons, the design of the air compressor environment temperature is commonly in 30 to 40 degrees, most of the time like the south temperature exceeds the critical value in some regions. Environment temperature is higher, the exposure to the more air content is low, the air compressor efficiency drops rapidly, load level, thus to bring heat to machine interior, forming high temperature.

2, air compressor oil shortage: pay attention to check the oil level within the barrels of oil and gas change, if it is found that the oil amount below the low oil level, it shall immediately take stop operation, the oil inside machine to normal oil level, in addition, the lubricating oil as far as possible choose some big brands; Small make up is to do the environmental protection industry, the company use GeLinKeEr brand lubricants, good durability, trial has nothing to wear for a year.

3, the system pressure is set too high, each are not identical, different manufacturers design pressure each air compressor machine will have corresponding nameplate, nameplate design pressure, you can operate according to detailed indicators. In addition to along with the appearance of machine high temperature, current also often rise sharply and lead to stop the introspection.

there are several reasons, not say clear. The above three is the air compressor inside the main reason of high temperature, we both need to pay attention to.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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