Screw air compressor inlet valve

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Working principle of screw air compressor can be divided into the air intake, compressed air and exhaust process, working principle of inlet valve is to electricity load, electrical discharge, and air compressor running system of one of important parts, said popular point is compressed air into the pipeline to control the volume and decided to open and close a valve, it can rapidly shut down after the emergency stop, to prevent the flow within the host.

when motor starts, the host, we started running into the holes on the valve closed valve core inlet, compressed into barrels of oil and gas of oil and gas, the system pressure rise gradually, intake valve plays the main role is such. First to get to know the inlet valve, inlet valve is divided into two kinds, inlet valve of horizontal, vertical intake valve, this is according to the appearance distinguish; If points according to product, also divided into two kinds: a piston type air intake valve, butterfly intake valve.

this is according to the different machines, different machines use different models. If you want to buy air intake valve, standing in the company's position is first consider the brand quality, the second is the price, and then look at the model, if some customers don't know what type of call volume size, for example, the diameter of the inlet, when measured with a caliper measurements, such as much accuracy, will greatly reduce the probability of purchasing model error. Second, needs at the bottom of the hole distance, the pitch must be accurate, otherwise the size is not accurate cause can't install it.

and there will be the size of the check valve, also should pay attention to. In short, in the choose and buy any product, clear their models and sizes of place choose and buy must be clear, if purchasing according to confirmed the type and size, can't be wrong. To know more about when to order after confirm size customer credibility and service attitude. Good inlet valve control cylinder is simple and durable, with independent design patent to avoid diaphragm cylinder diaphragm frequently damaged, or choose the original manufacturer as far as possible, so as to guarantee the inlet valve can be normal use, also won't affect the use of other parts.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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