Screw air compressor machine number daqo

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor according to the classification method has a lot of classification, such as according to the number of screw can be divided into single screw and twin screw, according to the frequency can be divided into screw machine and permanent magnet power frequency frequency converter. According to the pressure and can be divided into high, medium voltage and low voltage and so on, in a nutshell division method are many, is a better approach is divided into model for the users. In order to make everyone better classifying screw machine, here by the typical screw air compressor machine, introduced to promote the understanding of people.

A、DRC- 20 a TM/TMDD: screw air compressor, air tank and integration for post-processing of screw air compressor machine, this kind of machine is currently is new category, save the user valuable installation time, operation difficulty and failure rate has obvious advantages in the same kind of air compressor, with current this kind of air compressor in jiangsu region some of the manufacturing industry, loved by the enterprise.

B、DRC- A/a IIPM 60 + 60: ordinary screw machine power frequency users often for waste gas, and the special screw machine & ndash; — Permanent magnet frequency converter can meet the energy-saving pursuit of all types of users, it is understood that for most equipment load rate is only 70% of the users, benefits are quite robust, under other equipment load rate is also doing well.

C、DRC- 150 a/W: if it is a gas range is not wide users, might as well choose this kind of air cooling and water cooling both screw machine power frequency, frequency of 90 kw to 350 kw of power frequency machine has a choice. If demand is 5. More than 5 kw, 75 kw of power frequency under the air compressor users, inventory quantity is larger.

these a few screw air compressor is currently the market higher several main types of ownership. If there is demand for all kinds of screw air compressor of the customer, as well as selection according to the model classification.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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