Screw air compressor machine want to running in addition to the maintenance, but also to do so!

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In order to keep a good running state, prolong its service life, in the process of daily use, in addition to the regular maintenance, also should take corresponding measures. Air compressor has a lot of failure, because the user's attention, the line of sight. May not have problems at the beginning, but after a long time use, will cause the air compressor of the phenomenon of poor and fault. Therefore, the use of screw air compressor for the following:

1, the screw air compressor working environment should be clean, dry. Air compressor and air tank should be in good ventilation condition, it is forbidden to exposure to the sun and the high temperature baking, hot work will be made around the unit.

2, gas pipeline and storage tank every two years for a water pressure test, pressure gauge, the security valve at least check once a year.

3, air compressor starts up, need under no-load conditions. 。 After running, gradually into the load operation. 。

4, open the air supply valve, gas pipeline connection is good, should be kept unobstructed, no deformation. Anyone can't work or standing in front of the outlet.

5, the air tank within the larger pressure shall not exceed nameplate requirement, the security valve should be sensitive effective cleansing.

6, check the air intake valve and exhaust valve, bearing, parts with or without abnormal noise or overheating.

7, unit appear leakage, water leakage, leakage phenomenon, indicating value of the pressure gauge, thermometer, ammeter, sudden high exhaust pressure, the security valve malfunction, the machine has a sound or motor has a strong spark, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, only to find out causes and troubleshooting, to restart the operation.

8, when stop, remove load first, then the main clutch, stop the motor running.

9, after the completion of the project, should the residual gas discharge within the reservoir, and discharge condensed water in winter.

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