Screw air compressor maintenance and pay attention to what?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor maintenance and pay attention to what?

1, the maintenance unit should stop running, before closing the exhaust valve, disconnect the power supply unit and put up warning signs, blowdown unit pressure within the pressure gauge is shown as '0', after can begin repair work. Remove the high temperature component, must stay behind the temperature cold but to the environment temperature can be carried out.

2, with the right tools, air compressor maintenance.

3, it is recommended to use screw air compressor oil, repair after a mixture of different type of lubricating oil is not allowed to.

4 original spare parts, air compressor is specially designed and manufactured, it is recommended to use authentic spare parts, to ensure the reliability of air compressor, security.

5, without seeking permission from the manufacturer, don't make any influence on compressor changes in the security, reliability, or had any device.

6, after repair, before starting to confirm all security devices have been reinstalled, after initial start or electronic control system maintenance, the compressor and must be confirmed before moving motor direction of rotation is consistent with the provisions to, and tools have been removed from the compressor.

screw air compressor maintenance and pay attention to what? , you are also very clear in detail, such as there are more different Suggestions can contact GeLinKeEr after-sales service.
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