Screw air compressor maintenance methods of the oil filter is what?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Oil filter whether need to change, but by whether the oil filter differential pressure switch action or judging whether oil filter timer time zero, new machine for the first time after 500 h operation need to change the lubricating oil and oil filter, oil filter differential pressure big, not timely replacement of, can lead to insufficient input, cause the high exhaust temperature and jumping, at the same time due to insufficient amount of oil will affect the bearing life. Maintenance should be in the air compressor after downtime and corresponding safety measures, specific as follows:

1, with forceps unscrewing the old filter.

2, clean the contact surfaces.

3, in the new filter seal the surface with a thin layer of oil film.

4, as the new filter with the hand, until the gasket seal; Special attention should be paid to the new filter don't use other tools, the tight when the replacements in case it is difficult to remove the.

5, after startup check for leaks.

6, check the oil filter equipped with differential pressure switch installed properly, preset values is 150 kpa.
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