Screw air compressor maintenance of mechanical and electrical machine?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
We all know that the working efficiency of the screw air compressor in the core parts of the host is closely related to motor parts. High quality motor can help air compressor to reduce the failure rate and achieve efficient energy saving. But even such as GeLinKeEr companies' efficient motors, also need proper maintenance. First and you about the screw air compressor motor maintenance effect how to do: give you advice here, screw air compressor motor Zui well are operating under dry environment. Because if the surrounding environment humid, too much water molecules can easily lead to motor rust. And the surface of the motor should not have impurities, particulate matter, not to mention the carbon deposition.

then tell you something about the screw air compressor motor is how to reasonable and appropriate steps, motor maintenance of main bearing for maintenance, depends on appropriate lubricating oil filling, and specific time node according to the experience, is roughly one thousand eight hundred hours at run time using professional oil gun, operation need to binding under the row over the grease of the tubing is to, then add oil, has been observing the state of oil, until the old grease is completely drained, the whole process is completed.

it is important to note that add to complete the bearing temperature Zui good not more than one hundred and twenty degrees. Then restore the site. Specific need to add more than a few to be decided according to the filling after motor bearing temperature, if the motor bearings after adding grease, temperature is lower than 70 degrees, then can be added. Screw air compressor motor maintenance basic is like this, warm prompt GeLinKeEr air compressor, screw air compressor mechanical and electrical machine after failure occurs, to find out the source of the fault, find out is due to the protection of the system caused by improper or overload operation, etc.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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