Screw air compressor maintenance of oil and gas separator?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
A lot of friends for screw air compressor is very familiar with, but they don't know the screw air compressor machine is what to do with oil and gas separator. Screw air compressor machine oil and gas separator, actually a lot of friends all don't know this part of the oil content of compressed air is the decision of the direct effect.

b: yes, it is not wrong. On market because the vast majority of air compressor system is carried out at least twice by oil and gas separator of oil and gas separation, is a large particles of oil droplets, in the large particles after processing is completed, the whole process is not over, because there will be some small particles of oil droplets in internal screw air compressor, and the secondary processing is responsible for dealing with these small droplets. Number of small droplets processing has a close relationship with difficulty level, so his brother a processing efficiency is critical, and the key to keep high efficiency of oil and gas separator is reasonable maintenance of oil and gas separator filter.

today to bring us the screw air compressor machine oil and gas separator maintenance steps:

( 1) Need to connect first barrels of oil and gas, the minimum pressure valve, and after cooler pipeline between disassembly, removal has been completed, remember to return pipe out;

( 2) Will be unscrewed the screw on the surface of the barrel of oil and gas, open the entrance of barrels of oil and gas, remove the oil and gas separator filter;

( 3) Then depending on the damage degree of cleaning, necessary for replacement, replace the need to remember when in addition to the filter itself, gaskets are also need to be replaced;

( 4) Restore the scene, then to boot debugging. Again after boot, tighten bolts, the last check whether some differential pressure switch is normal.

basically screw air compressor machine maintenance of oil and gas separator mainly depends on the reasonable processing of the oil and gas separator filter, bring this article, hope to help everyone's learning work.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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