Screw air compressor need attention in the operation

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
1, there are different in the operation of the sound and the abnormal vibration, should immediately stop;

2, run the pipe pressure, do not loosen the line bolt and open unnecessary valves, such as hydrophobic valve, drain valve etc.

3, in operation, the discovery of oil in the oil level gauge, and the oil temperature rises gradually, should immediately stop. 5 min (downtime Pressure gauge instructions to zero) After observe the oil level, if the oil is insufficient, to stay within the system pressure, and again add lubricant;

4, should be regularly check whether actions of automatic drain device are normal, otherwise the water would be brought to the system;

5 barrels of oil and gas, sewage should be once every week, the unit can't did not run for a long time, at least every week on a minimum of 2 h;

6, in the daily air compressor to run tests should be aware of the air compressor pressure switch and spreading application work is normal, abnormal working conditions will lead to air compressor power consumption increase, serious when caused by compressor frequent start-stop motor burned;

7, don't where possible suction flammable or toxic gas compressor operation, during operation is absolutely not allowed to block air compressor suction mouth. Unless already showing for breathing, absolutely don't allow the compressed air to breathe;

8, don't exceed pressure situation of the brand of the operation, as far as possible, don't lower than the pressure circumstances stipulated by the brand of the operation;

9, must close all enclosures cupboard door during operation.
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