Screw air compressor of overhaul including what content?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor of overhaul including what content? The next GeLinKeEr to list for you!

1, overhaul screw air compressor host and gear box:

(1) to replace the host rotor rotating bearing;

2. Replace the main rotor mechanical shaft seal, oil seal;

3. Replace main rotor adjustment;

screw air compressor

4. Replace the main rotor seal;

5. Adjust the gearbox gear fine secret clearance;

6. Adjust the main rotor fine secret clearance;

7 replacement gear box Lord, vice rotating bearing;

today change gear box mechanical shaft seal and oil seal;

pet-name ruby gearbox pure secret clearance adjustment.

2, motor bearing with butter.

3, inspect or replace coupling.

4, cleaning and maintenance of air condenser.
5, cleaning and maintenance of oil condenser.

6, inspect or replace non-return valve.

7, inspect or replace relief valve.

8, clean moisture separator.

9, change of lubricating oil.

10, clean the radiating surface unit.

11, check the electrical components.

12, check the protection function and its value.

13, inspection or replacement of the pipeline.

14 contact, check the electrical components.

screw air compressor repair contains a lot of content, the above is GeLinKeEr engineer according to the experience of attention!
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