Screw air compressor of the central control system

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In industrial compressed air system, screw air compressor often have centralized control requirements, at this point, the air compressor you need access to DCS system, this is a centralized control system, effectively to the compressed air equipment for centralized control. Control algorithm is rich, continuous control, sequence control and batch control into an organic whole, can realize cascade, feedforward decoupling, adaptive and predictive control, and other advanced control, and can easily add the special control algorithm is required. DCS structure mode is very flexible, can be managed by a dedicated computer, operator station and engineer station, record stand, field control station and data acquisition station, etc, can also be used by the general servers, industrial control computer and programmable controller. At the bottom of the process control level by general decentralized field control station, data acquisition station on-site data acquisition and control, and production level monitoring computer via data communication network. Production monitoring level focus on data from the process control level for operation management, such as all kinds of optimization, statistics, fault diagnosis and display alarm, etc. With the development of computer technology, the DCS can be in accordance with the needs and higher performance of computer equipment connection through the network to realize centralized management of the more advanced features, such as planning and scheduling, inventory management, energy management, etc. Structure: structurally, divided into DCS including process level, operation level and management level. Process level is mainly composed of process control station, the I/O unit and field instrument, is the main implement part of the system control function. Operation level including: operator station and engineer station, to complete the operation of the system and configuration. Management level mainly refers to the plant management information system ( The MIS system) , as the application of DCS higher level, the current domestic paper industry are applied to this layer of the system is less. DCS control program: DCS control decision making is done by process control station, so the control program is performed by the process control station. Process control station components: the process of DCS control station is a complete computer system, mainly by the power, the CPU ( The central processing unit) And network I/O interface and I/O: control systems need to build a signal input and output channels, this is I/O. DCS I/O in general is modular, an I/O module has one or more I/O channel, used to connect the sensors and actuators, The regulator) 。 I/O unit: usually, a process control station is a few frame, each frame can put a certain number of modules. CPU's frame is called CPU units, the same process in only one CPU units, other only used to put the I/O module rack is I/O unit. The above is screw air compressor that corresponds to the concept of DCS central control system.
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