Screw air compressor oil selection must pay attention to some of the factors

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor oil what you need to pay attention to some factors in the selection? Believe that a lot of air compressor users at the time of just buy equipment, surrounding some of the fittings for air compressor is not very clear, the air compressor lubricant is one such accessories, everybody is not very clear on the selection of air compressor in time, should pay attention to what factors. Immediately, and everyone could tell the screw air compressor oil must pay attention to some of the factors in selection, if had not noticed that your screw air compressor oil might buy the wrong model.

A, and everyone says A little first, screw air compressor oil is also A hierarchy, is not to say that want to change the brand of lubricating oil. Generally speaking, the main ingredient is inside the screw air compressor oil base oil, general situation, air compressor base oil accounted for in the whole bucket of air compressor lubricant of into left and right sides, in general, recommend the use of strong oxidation security, oil-water separation and resist stronger carbon deposition ability made of synthetic oil screw air compressor oil;

B, strong corrosion resistance: in general, oil cooler of air compressor oil removal device, such as main material is copper, in the process of compressed air equipment, due to long time to come into contact with the water molecules, the surface is easy to rust, oil and water is easy to oxidizing cooling, long stay inside the body, for screw air compressor oil itself, the corrosion resistance of high requirements are put forward.

C, good defoaming performance: in the process of screw air compressor oil to circulate, produces a large number of bubbles, the bubbles can form a certain resistance, is not conducive to the cycle of oil, so the screw air compressor oil itself needs good defoaming performance.

so what kind of screw air compressor oil is better? I used here is GeLinKeEr, number 26058001 of lubricating oil, generally under normal working temperature, the conventional oil change period of 2000 hours. In general the screw air compressor oil in selection of China noticed that these factors, problems are less.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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