Screw air compressor operation in the process of failure: host exhaust temperature is too high, how to eliminate?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Now buy ninety percent of the air compressor is frequency conversion
screw air compressor, power saving, good for enterprises to reduce the cost.
air compressor used more and more common, the brand is also very much, whether imports of domestic, it is to let a person dazzling. Whether big or small brands of screw air compressor in the process of running or there will be a failure, then under simple introduce by GeLinKeEr engineer
screw air compressor of the common faults and processing methods:

host exhaust temperature is too high and treatment method:

if the room temperature within the scope of the permit, the oil level is in normal state, you can use another thermometer to check machine of temperature measuring element, and then to check the oil condenser import and export temperature difference, the normal range is 5 ℃ ~ 8 ℃. If the temperature is higher than the range, the oil flow is insufficient, oil plug, or temperature control valve does not open, so you need to check the oil filter. If some models have oil flow control, first of all to be transferred to the large value, check that the temperature control valve is normal, remove the valve core, shut down one end of the temperature control valve, and force all the oil through the condenser. If the above method is not solve, you may need to test check whether oil foreign bodies blocked.

temperature difference is less than the normal range, may be poor heat dissipation, check whether water condenser inlet water shortage, water temperature is too high, the water condenser is there a scale ( Waterway section) , whether there is oil dirties condenser ( Oil) , check that the radiator is too dirty, radiator oil dirties, a cooling fan is abnormal, and so on. 。 If the temperature difference within the normal range, while the machine is still in the high temperature condition, means that the head of the heat output is beyond the normal range. To check whether the overpressure operation, whether the oil is not correct, whether the oil aging, if there is a problem even end friction head bearing. In addition, if there is a stop valve, it is necessary to check if it is defective. Cutting oil valve failure usually start and jumping, the temperature will rise straight line.

what has been discussed above, we can clearly know the screw air compressor during failure: primary side exhaust temperature is too high, it can be ruled out according to the above points. If you want to know the specific details can be consulting GeLinKeEr
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