Screw air compressor power consumption?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor energy saving way a

is controlled by inverter, inverter installation, can be effective cleansing control current, major in screw air compressor gas fluctuation, the freedom to adjust motor speed, achieve the balance of gas and gas. At the same time, the use of frequency converter control, energy-saving effect is more obvious. Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor, stable performance and high efficiency.

screw air compressor energy saving way.
use permanent magnet motor, energy-saving effect is more obvious than ordinary motor, high efficiency, stable operation, precise control, high power factor, high efficiency and more energy-saving than frequency conversion compressor.

screw air compressor energy saving way three
using the secondary compression host, the secondary compression host than single stage compression host up to ten percent - in terms of energy saving 25. At the same time under the same power, the secondary compression gas production rate than single stage compression can be increased by twenty-five percent, two head, long bearing life, save maintenance cost.

screw air compressor how to save electricity? The above three kinds of ways to save power, let your screw air compressor less electricity.

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