Screw air compressor pressure is always less than what is the row?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
We all know that the rotor is composed of the main components of screw air compressor and rotor speed control determines such devices is screw air compressor or permanent magnet power frequency inverter screw air compressor. In the process of screw air compressor chance done, managers often find pressure always doesn't go up, then what is the cause of this situation? In this article today, simply to analyze for everyone:

( 1) Is not a problem of screw air compressor parts, but the screw air compressor machine with a barometer of the fault, how can then know the barometer is wrong? When the pressure of screw air compressor shows insufficient, let the screw machine under normal speed running a few minutes first, if still no big change, start the brake at this time, if the voice of the gas discharge is fairly obvious, if appear this kind of circumstance basically is the barometer of screw air compressor failed

( 2) Responsible for realizing the function of transmission belt screw air compressor skid or serious deformation happened itself exists leakage or air compressor parts, these are all free to screw air compressor pressure can't keep up with in time;

( 3) A/an oil accumulation is a large amount of carbon or screw air compressor internal appeared the exhaust valve leakage or malfunction.

as the main discussion here is the shortage problem of the pressure of screw air compressor, if is the pressure to keep up with the piston air compressor, requires more consideration to whether the piston ring and cylinder piston wear too serious. When wear is quite serious, might as well look for xiamen ou can best such professional technical team for technical assistance. In this article simply to tell everyone about the screw air compressor pressure is always less than a couple of reasons, hope to help everyone can study work.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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