Screw air compressor shut down for a long time processing method is outlined

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
About the screw air compressor shut down the processing method for a long time what? Down the length of time have different methods, the following GeLinKeEr engineers briefly answer for you!

screw air compressor

stop more than 3 weeks:

1, after the oil condenser, the condenser condensate in the net;
2, if you have any fault should be ruled out, so as to use in the future;
3, oil cans,
after the condenser, the condenser of condensation water is clean.

down more than 2 months ( Apart from the above procedures, the other to do the following processing) :
1, close all openings, prevent moisture into;
2, the security valve, control panel, wrapping them in oil paper, in order to prevent rust;
3, before the outage will change lubricating oil, and run 30 min, two days later, exclusion of barrels of oil and gas and cold but in the condensate;

4, but the cold water from the.

that is GeLinKeEr engineer on different length screw air compressor machine downtime and make different solutions, if have no downtime is the same with you can directly contact GeLinKeEr or after-sales service.
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