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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Energy conservation and emissions reduction is what? Why do you want to promote? Emission reduction is to save energy, reduce energy consumption and reduce pollutants discharge. This is a development trend, now like a permanent magnet
inverter screw air compressor is now the trend of the enterprise. That to do energy conservation and emissions reduction, how to do?

replace piston machine: compared with screw air compressor, screw air compressor machine has simple structure, small volume, high reliability, good stability, simple maintenance, etc. It in the market share of more and more heavy, is the enterprise for the object.

the need to control leakage: factory compressed air leakage in the average twenty percent to 30, so the first task is to control the leakage of energy saving. Urgently need to be inspection on air compressor pipe leakage, pipeline design optimization.

the pressure drop control: pipeline paragraphs set pressure gauge. Air compressor pressure drop more than ten percent, is zero. 7bar。 Person who filter pressure drop is commonly 0. 2bar。 Detailed check paragraphs of the pressure drop, to keep problems in a timely manner. ( Each kg pressure, increase energy consumption increased seven percent 10) 。

to evaluate the pressure of the gas equipment requirements, under the condition of ensure the production, should as far as possible to reduce exhaust pressure of air compressor. Many gas equipment cylinder only need 3/4 bar, a few robots need to be 6 bar above. ( Each reduce 1 bar, energy saving seven percent 10 or so) 。

effective cleansing compressor: apply to the variable working condition, adopts effective cleansing permanent magnet frequency screw air compressor, is conducive to saving energy. The permanent magnet motor than normal energy saving more than ten percent; With constant pressure air will not result in a pressure differential waste; How much smoke how much air, discharge the air, etc. Relative to the general air compressor can be energy saving more than thirty percent.

centralized control: air compressor linkage control, can avoid many sets of air compressor cascade exhaust pressure caused by parameter is set to rise, causing the output air energy waste.

reduce air compressor inlet temperature, can be in outdoor gas extraction, because the internal temperature is higher than outdoor air compressor station. To do a good job of maintenance and cleaning equipment, increase the air compressor condensing effect, the exchange of water cooling, air cooling heat exchanger effect, keep oil, etc. , can reduce energy consumption.

waste heat recovery of air compressor: screw air compressor is the use of recycling of waste heat utilization equipment, use the hot water of life and industrial waste heat to solve the problem, reduce the cost.

the above do is screw air compressor energy conservation and emissions reduction method, have more screw air compressor energy saving Suggestions or methods consult GeLinKeEr:
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