Screw air compressor used waste incineration

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The 21st century China's urbanization process is accelerated, the urban population swelling, they might aggravate the impact on the environment pollution. Because of rising living standards at the same time, a large number of population number of produced per day is very substantial life garbage, and the daily cycle of life rubbish most of them are not recycled, the traditional landfill has overwhelmed in front of the huge amounts of waste, simple landfill pollution to environment bring boundless future trouble. In this case under the condition of guarantee atmospheric emissions standards, waste incineration power plant is one of indispensable facilities in the domestic large and medium-sized cities and into the garbage and make it on a sustainable development way of life waste management.

a domestic large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprises in jiangsu province, the winning one large waste incineration power plant, this project is an important environment in the region much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning form a complete set of processing engineering, processing two city and surrounding counties and cities nearly one thousand tons of daily life rubbish. GeLinKeEr xiamen compressor with domestic few can provide compressed air system solutions to the enterprise completely, with the well-known domestic electric power industry environmental protection equipment manufacturers to work together, for the waste incineration projects to provide quality overall solution, make the compressed air system can guarantee that 365 days * 24 hours waste incineration power plant running.

now the waste incineration power plant has been running for more than two years, compressed air system since the open and no clearance continuous trouble-free operation is close to twenty thousand hours. GeLinKeEr technical team with years of screw air compressor production and sales of actual combat experience, from the present condition of the project to run once open unless maintenance for waste incineration power plant, the perennial 24-hour operation requirements, the adoption of three open a case and three more units of a frequency conversion power frequency flexible screw air compressor unit and scheme of high security, solve the plant production and environmental protection and so on various aspects of gas supply demand.

GeLinKeEr compressed air system always focus on energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency, etc, for the enterprise of compressed air using the escort, in machinery manufacturing, food processing, precision electronics, textile printing and dyeing, and aerospace and other industries widely used.

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