Screw machine and centrifuge which suitable for use in the textile industry?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
For in the previous article, I according to your own some textile industry experience, made some of the textile industry to everyone jet equipment, air compressor selection principle in this article, today I according to the article medium and small partners in the background is given about the screw machine and the question of, applied to the centrifuge in the textile industry, combining with the present situation of the textile industry, for you to make your point of view.

immediately to summarize the domestic most textile factory USES the mainstream of the characteristics of the jet weaving equipment: ( 1) Compressor gas range is larger, not fixed in a range of change, so the screw machine power frequency usually for the high-end equipment of textile industry is not so useful; ( 2) As far as possible should not use more than two compressor, situation allows Zui good is a can meet the demands of a drunken low gas compressor can, at the same time the weight of the compressor itself as light as possible, even the lighter the better, the compressor itself drunk good for utilization of the space is enough big, if the situation does not allow, drunk much as long as the two machines, one as the standby machine.

so that such a form, this is I sort out from the Internet about screw machine and centrifuge performance comparison, to avoid tedious words, easy to read.

through the interpretation of the above, you should be able to compare intuitively felt the centrifuge is in accordance with the characteristics of the textile industry of high-end equipment application requirements. Although the low-end machines for the textile industry of compressed air quality is not high, but high-end equipment for the performance of the compressor is relatively harsh. Textile friends, so do in the future to remind yourself of purchasing certain machine start again.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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