Screw machine equipped with frequency converter, power frequency and permanent magnet machine and the difference?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
At present, the factory has screw units of power frequency users, most of the equipment using age soon, there is no need urgent replacement of the permanent magnet machine, inverter to realize the energy saving of the relevant modification by adding. So after the modification such machine, power frequency is consistent with the performance of the permanent magnet machine? , in fact, the difference is bigger, and equipped with inverter screw machine scope limitation is large, generally only applies to single stage compression machines, machines for more than two stage compression technology technically, by original power, there is no change of motor to drive the two hosts, if equipped with frequency converter, frequency drop, heat dissipation effect has a lot to may result in poor motor burning machine.

in addition to this, the difference lies in:

( 1) Frequency range adjustment screw machine co. , LTD. , does not play a big role in energy saving, the main advantage is that on current have decreased obviously compared with the unimproved before;

( 2) Power frequency transformation of machine running under full load condition, because of the speed drops, has a certain probability leak occurs, gas production is affected, use for a long time but also threaten to host such as important parts of life;

( 3) The amount of injection screw machine power frequency is fixed, keep full charge, even through reforming. Therefore once the speed is reduced, oil spray is still full, it is easy to produce emulsifying reaction, cause the service life of parts.

so even with a screw power frequency of frequency converter, on the use of many need to pay attention to. In addition, due to the power frequency screw with frequency converter, because of the control system of non-native, later reconstruction, it is difficult to achieve the signal in synchronization, there are still a lot of power frequency screw factory house doesn't support this kind of signal reconstruction.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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