Screw machine intercooler leak. What should I do?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor intercooler for air compressor, the compressor of lung image of metaphor, its cooling effect and reliability directly affect the aerodynamic performance of compressor and machine efficiency.

intercooler almost covers all tube and shell heat exchanger structure, reflected it combines the design concept of combining the advantage of various types. At the same time, due to the compressor to allow the pressure loss of paragraphs and strict requirement of the inlet temperature, also determines the particularity of intercooler design selection.

in the process of air compressor operation, in order to reduce the compressor power consumption and ensure the reliable operation of the compressor, at all levels are set between the middle cooler. In the intercooler, through the way of convective heat transfer, by cooling water cooling the gas. If the intercooler leakage, the gas channel and cooling water channel are interlinked, the leakage of direction depends on the pressure of gas and cooling water.

as the increasing of the intercooler used for air compressor, a model to adapt to the different conditions and different series of cooler is naturally formed. But air compressor intercooler often appear leakage fault, what reason be cause?

brother level at the back of the intercooler, cooling water pressure is generally higher than the gas pressure. So if brother intercooler leakage, cooling water will enter the gas side, gases entrained water and make brother level of oil-water separator blowdown water increased significantly.

can be made according to the above phenomenon intercooler leakage judgment. Fall, its displacement compressor system, air compressor system pressure begins to rise, the controller receives the pressure signal, and began to gradually reduce the intake valve opening, the displacement of screw machine with reduced, of course also reduces the motor current. When the system gas increases, the system pressure to reduce, the controller upon receiving the signal pressure to reduce, then gradually increase the intake valve opening, the displacement of screw machine with the added to the total output.

such as system gas continues to fall, system pressure increases to the empty set lower limit, the controller will intake valve close, the pressure of time and space machine run idle, to achieve the set run idle time delay time, the motor stop, air compressor can be automatic stop, when under the condition of stress and displacement have change, electrical control part start motor ( No-load start) , air compressor can be automatically switched on. True for 24 hours of duty, at the same time, companies will save a lot of energy, reduce the production costs for the enterprise.
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