See you in use is inferior air compressor lubricant?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Before he heard the air compressor industry in such a news: jiangsu yancheng a customer using the original GeLinKeEr brand air compressor, just buy factory engineers to his set of maintenance time is two thousand hours, 2000 hours and replace with deviation lubricating oil, and other accessories. Users have been using this method, the air compressor and safe use of the two and a half years of time.

but when equipment bought nearly 3 years, the customer feel now air compressor oil is a bit expensive, don't know where to find a not well-known air compressor accessories manufacturers, the company claims that the lubricating oil can provide users with the price 50% lower. The user want to anyway, air compressor lubricant for so many years, can't change this time it broke, holding the idea is to replace the price lower brand, helping to oil core also changed.

but in use after a period of time, the factory found that the use of air compressor head stuck occur suddenly, his side after inspection found is for lubricating oil has a large number of carbon deposition, please test the professional team, found that air compressor is inferior secondary mineral oil, the user feeling, the price difference is really worth it. Here, wants to warn everyone, inferior air compressor lubricant has the following obvious flaw:

( 1) Oxidation stability is poor. ( 2) Lubricating oil containing some grain index more than conventional standard; ( 3) It is easy to react and air, the ability to deal with air, oil surface often has a lot of obvious bubble; ( 4) Air compressor oil separation ability of the water and oil content is poorer, basically not going to work.

this is inferior some characteristics of air compressor lubricants. Long-term use of the air compressor lubricants, can cause serious wear and tear, the noise of the machine equipment greatly shorten the service life. It is also recommended the use of quality goods factory air compressor lubricant important reason, even if the price is expensive, but the quality is guaranteed.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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