Several big feasibility scheme of permanent magnet machine to reduce the noise

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The noise has been the industry personnel in the management of air compressor equipment, a more difficult problem. This phenomenon to appear until permanent magnet machine, to alleviate. Permanent magnet machine noise reduction of the major reasons is that a permanent magnet motor. Compared with screw machine, permanent magnet motor itself away from the coil winding on the rotor of the screw machine, with permanent magnet in the alternative, to avoid the the obvious current generated by the current through the coil winding when sound, this is the permanent magnet machine in low output of efficient work done at the same time, also can reduce noise is the main reason.

even though the noise of the permanent magnet machine itself has a lot of ascension, but part of the defense industry applications such as submarine higher request for noise control, permanent magnet machine itself can through constructing a reasonable scheme to achieve the overall noise reduction? Is air compressor industry experts are discussed in this paper, there are several mainstream the feasibility of the plan:

( 1) This is mainly for closed box, inside the box body building sound insulation sponge, if open the box, please look down.

( 2) View the specific noise source is where. If air inlet noise is bigger, can be near the air inlet structures, sound equipment, if there is a very powerful exhaust pressure near, note the diameter can't be too big of sound equipment.

( 3) Transform the use of air compressor, 100 meters around environment, establish a complete sound track, constructed in the orbit of isolation cover.

just bought for users of ordinary screw machine, screw machine whether need to change hands? Don't have to completely. Screw machine itself can also by changing the high quality of the host and cooler to achieve noise reduction effect, in the case of not wasting resources, will be in the hands of equipment efficiency gains as high as possible.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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