Shallow of oil-free air compressor maintenance steps, you act

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Shallow of oil-free air compressor maintenance steps, you act? In recent years, the development of the oil free compressor is getting better and better, the characteristics of the machine is running without oil, clean, health, a lot of food industry, etc. , air compressor brings us to the place where we need to take care of, want to let it run longer, today's champions league striker this paper briefly introduces the steps of the oil free air compressor maintenance.

1, the machine run after 2500 hours, check the reducer bearing. Check of the main bearing grease leakage. Should be added grease in time, ensure the service life of bearing within 6000 hours.

2, gasholder needs a cleaning and inspection every year, and maintain inspection records. ( After three months to do a small check)

3, screw air compressor, open the drain valve at a time, every day will be condensed water discharge in the gasholder, the pressure in the gasholder is about 0. 1 mpa, the pressure in the store jar is better. 。

4, need to use oil-free air compressor in strict accordance with the manual operation, to avoid abuse, in order to avoid damage.

5, silencing the water filter needs cleaning every month, to prevent clogging. 。

6, automatic check pressure gauge, pressure switch, such as the security valve is sensitive.

7, the check valve is working correctly after operation for 2500 hours, if found damaged or untight seal, shall promptly repair or replace the valve plate.

8, oil-free air compressor crankcase wall hole should be cleaned once a month.
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