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single stage fixed speed rotary screw air compressor manufacturer for sale

single stage fixed speed rotary screw air compressor manufacturer for sale

Motor power:
Delivery time:
10-30 working days
Start Port:
Xiamen port, China.
Plywood box or plastic foam

Product description

GM Series With PM Motor Single Stage VSD Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Energy saving air end

The two stage air end can produce more air when compared with the single stage one with the same power. The two stage air end combines a single stage and two stage compressor rotor into an enclosure with a direct drive front gear in order to achieve an optimum linear velocity that matches the air output during each stage's rotor operation.

Subsided air inlet valve

For Greenair GA+ series compressor, a gravity-inducted back-pressure valve is used as the air inlet valve, which prevents oil blowout from the air end and reduces air intake resistance.

High polymer filter paper

TheGreenair GA+ series lubrication system is designed with a highly efficient oil-gas separator filter element, which can remove oil impurities, lower compressor wear and ensure a long lifespan up to 4000-8000 hours.

Intelligent control

TheGreenair GA+ series comes with a RS485 communication interface, through which computer remote communication control and simultaneous control of several compressors is achieved.

Soft starter

With this soft starter, the instantaneous current generated as the motor starts is significantly lowered, thus protecting the motor and other compressor parts, ensuring there is less load and wear on the compressor.

Four-pole motor

As the motor speed is relatively low with 1480RPM (50HZ) as compared with that of the two-pole motor, there is air compressor wear and a longer service life.

Side-mounted cooler

fIt is a highly efficient cooling system designed specially for clients in tropical areas to keep them away from compressor shutdown difficulties caused by high temperature operation of the machine.

Product parameters

GA+ Series Two Stage Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor

GA+ series two stage rotary screw air compressor:

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