Solve the permanent magnet motor demagnetization three tips

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor has become more and more customers options, permanent magnet motor demagnetization goes along with it, now to introduce the three tips to reduce permanent magnet motor demagnetization. Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor is called 'permanent' because configuration for the permanent magnet synchronous motor is also called permanent magnet motor, rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, ac permanent magnet synchronous motor, and so on. Knowledgeable people must know permanent magnetism of permanent magnet synchronous motor frequency conversion air compressor in the large current, high temperature or under the condition of severe vibration, can produce irreversible demagnetization, here recommend you three recruit demagnetization solution. 1 recruit: correct selection of permanent magnet motor power demagnetization and permanent magnet motor power to choose. Correct selection of permanent magnet motor power can prevent or delay the demagnetization. Permanent magnet synchronous motor demagnetization of the main reason is the temperature too high, overload is the main reason for the high temperature. Therefore, when choosing the permanent magnet motor power should have a certain margin, according to the actual situation of the load, average about 20% more appropriate. The second recruit: avoid overloading starting and frequent starting cage asynchronous starting synchronous permanent magnet motor to avoid overloading starting or frequent starting directly. Asynchronous starting process, the starting torque is oscillation, the starting torque trough section, the stator magnetic field on the rotor magnetic pole is the demagnetization effect. So try to avoid overloading and frequent starting asynchronous permanent magnet synchronous motor. A recruit: 3 improved design. Appropriate to increase the thickness of the permanent magnet from the perspective of the permanent magnet synchronous motor design and manufacturing, to consider the armature reaction, electromagnetic torque and the relations between and among permanent magnet demagnetization. In the flux and torque winding current flux produced by the radial force winding together under the role, the rotor surface is easy to cause permanent magnet demagnetization. In the case of motor air gap is constant, be sure to permanent magnet demagnetization, relatively effective method is to appropriately increase the thickness of the permanent magnet. b。 Have ventilation inside the rotor slot loop, lowering the temperature rise of the rotor important factors effecting the reliability of permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnet demagnetization. Rotor temperature rise too high, permanent magnets will generate irreversible loss. In structure design, can design the rotor internal ventilation circuit, direct cooling magnetic steel. Not only reduces the magnet steel temperature, also can improve the efficiency. More than three tips is to reduce the permanent magnet motor demagnetization, for your reference.
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