Some people say that my centrifugal compressor surge, matter?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The company is engaged in chemical industry environmental protection, in March 2017, acquired a certain brand of centrifugal compressor. Early in 2018, annual inspection, shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer staff informed on this side of the equipment management of himself, the 30 kw of centrifugal compressor surge. At first I due to a lack of relevant management experience, all kinds of air compressor to surge the nouns do not understand. Through staff patiently explain, I for centrifuge operation mode and the surge has been familiar with some understanding.

a lot of friends for the basic operation mode of the centrifugal compressor, the centrifuge is mainly rely on the impeller for high frequency operation for a long time, and then quickly will enhance its pressure and the flow of medium speed, the model of gas efficiency is higher than that of the same category screw machine, or even permanent magnet machine. But when the air inflow of centrifuge is greatly reduced, and the condition of minimum of numerical value, the formation of impeller airflow sometimes high, sometimes low is likely to happen, so the pressure of work and it is difficult to control medium flow current when work will be on sudden increase, there is a lot of operation risk.

meanwhile, surge also can cause impeller rotational frequency is much higher than normal, the formation of the noise will bring great trouble to users, for some other components can also cause a certain degree of wear and tear. So the factory give me advice is to choose the appropriate management, the surge valve installation, at the time of open stop, ensure smooth lifting speed, staff need to establish a set of perfect monitoring system, at any time for inlet temperature, pressure and congestion is analyzed, the club's official website without clogging.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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