Spraying equipment air compressor used in how to choose?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In our daily life, air spray can be seen everywhere, in recent years, are widely used with pressure vessel, furniture, automobile and other industries. In the sprayer system, air compressor is a very important part of. How to choose and sandblasting equipment suitable air compressor?

the used sprayer's friends know, in the process of air spraying, the main purpose of the compressed air system is to provide stable and high quality compressed air sprayer. Due to the compressed air is often mixed with coating contact, in order to ensure the function of air compressor to spray gun provided no oil, no water, no impurity of compressed air, the user has higher requirement about the quality of the air compressor. Some high-end decorative products, in particular, if the solid impurities in the compressed air, will affect the coating surface quality, appearance is not smooth, directly affects the product percent of pass; If water or oil content in the compressed air is high, can cause by spraying products are air bubbles, pitting, defects such as shrinkage cavity, seriously affecting the coating appearance quality.

in addition, in the process of spraying, the pressure of compressed air from air compressor must be stable, cannot have big fluctuation, if pressure is too low, can make the paint liquid atomization is not sufficient, paint film is not uniform; The air pressure is too high, it is easy to produce the paint film defects such as pits and small air bubbles.

sprayer in the choice of form a complete set of air compressor machine, must first consider the quality of compressed air, should buy running is stable, reliable, good quality of exhaust air compressor, and selecting some air purification equipment ( Such as air tank, dryer, filters, etc. ) To improve the efficiency of enterprise production, enhance product competitiveness.

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