Spraying supporting work used in air compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
How important is the source of the air quality? For example in during the spraying operations, compressed air and related equipment to avoid damp environment, and maintain a long time to dry. But this kind of situation will lead to long-term workers down thirsty situation appear, and the surrounding environment will send out a foul stench, detrimental to health of workers. Although at present domestic has certain safety standards, but due to a lot of factory safety measures is limited, just choose to workers at most plant equipped with associated gas mask, if we can't solve the problem of the main air source, more measures are also of no help.

for this, the quality of the equipment type selection combats important, by purchasing structures can provide stable air supply system ( As shown) To oil-free machine and humidifying equipment, all tanks for anti-corrosion, USES the high quality stainless steel material.

meanwhile, spraying work, because the production content and air compressor equipment common to use more 8 to 10 years, often occur the phenomenon of frequent start-stop system, especially in the process of coal mining can result in cylinder and carbon deposition explosion, lead to this situation is the main reason of the carbon deposition and the interior of the cooling system is not pure, leads to the formation of a lubricating oil inside a lot of carbon. Light is regularly remove machine and carbon deposition is not enough, need from the root to solve.

from the technical point of view to analyze and solve this kind of phenomenon is mainly to the compressed air from the cooling system as the main means, change the material of the cooler, replaced by copper material, another is in the building at the cooler outlet effective protective equipment, for example of measuring water pressure meter, when volatility, prove that contact with compressed air cooler.

through transforming, spraying efficiency and safety operation of the air compressor equipment will be improved, solutions to help enterprises of spraying application.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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