Textile and garment industry how to choose suitable air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As is known to all, China's textile and clothing industry is strong, powerful, head of the industry competition in the market for enterprises to change their way of doing business. To seek business opportunities in the fierce competition, so reduce the production cost is our head very care about. As we all know, general manufacturing hollow press system is part of the enterprise cost is very high, so to reduce the production cost, the first thing to consider is how to select a set of low energy consumption and does not affect the production efficiency of air compressor system, so the recent years permanent magnet frequency conversion compressor, head of the
has become most enterprise priority is chosen. How to choose appropriate own air compressor system? Main can choose according to the following aspects:

in the first place, within the general textile industry production workshop environment is bad, the dust, as far as possible choose one-piece permanent-magnet frequency conversion air compressor equipment, transmission mode selection driven straight league, so can reduce bad effective cleansing production environment of air compressor equipment damage;

second, the textile industry of form a complete set of air compressor gas is larger, the running time is long, advised to choose a host quality good brand, such as GeLinKeEr, front, can also; Permanent magnet frequency screw air compressor host as the heart of the machine and the host directly influences the performance of the whole air compressor working efficiency and service life;

and then, in order to avoid the dust in the air into the compressed air system, choose prefiltering protective effect good air compressor equipment, such ability to the outside world in the dust, lint can stop outside; Keep the air compressor internal clean, prolong the service life of the air compressor of effective cleansing and maintenance cycle!
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